Welcome to Be One Osaka!

We are a Christian church, meeting in the Hommachi area of downtown Osaka. We place a high value on meaningful worship, rejoicing in the outrageous grace of our heavenly Father through Christ. In a stressful and lonely world, we aim to be a caring community for all generations. Come and check us out. We’ll make you welcome but give you plenty of time and space to find your own level! We are a relatively new group, expanding steadily. That means that while we try to keep our website up-to-date, we sometimes miss things so before you come to a meeting, message us to confirm the details!


Worship: Sunday 11 am

A family atmosphere, child-friendly; contemporary music, Holy Communion, and a short life-related, Christ-centered message; lunch together and lots of time for small study groups and spontaneous chatting round the coffee tables. The meeting is in Japanese, but we can provide simultaneous translation for the message if necessary.

11 am, Hommachi Eight Building, 4F

Worship: Saturday “One Way”

“One Way” is the name of our Saturday evening service. It is bilingual (Japanese and English), with mainly Japanese attending but also folk of several other nationalities. A family atmosphere, child friendly; contemporary music, Holy Communion and a short life-related, Christ-centered message; then lots of time for coffee, snacks and lots of chatting!

6.30 pm, Hommachi Eight Building, 4F

“One Thing”

One Thing is a time of fervent prayer and worship, waiting on God together and being filled again with the Holy Spirit. David’s “one thing” in Psalm 27:4 and Mary’s “one thing” in Luke 10:42 are our inspiration. The meeting is not really geared to new people – if you’ve never been in church before, you might prefer to start with the Sunday Worship or Saturday “One Way”.  

Sunday, 2:30-3 pm; Tuesday, 12:00-1:30 pm, Hommachi Eight Building, 4F

Following Jesus

Following Jesus is a course of study to help people take their first steps as followers of Jesus. There are 12 lessons: Intro: The Heart of God; Step One, The Greatest Commandment; 2, Repent and believe; 3, Be baptized; 4A, Power from heaven; 4B Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit; 5, Listen and obey; 6, Love one another; 7, Break bread; 8, Pray; 9, Give; 10, Make disciples. It’s a very practical course to help you first to learn, then to put it into practice and next to teach others what you just learned. 

We hold courses anywhere and anytime, according to people’s needs and availability. (Available in English, Japanese and Chinese!)

Ministry School

Every believer is called to be a disciple and to touch others with God’s love. This school is in Japanese, and aims to equip each participant to become a worker, practicing ministry skills (for example, how to lead people to Christ, how to lead small groups and take Holy Communion) and understanding key Bible truths.

One term is 12 lessons and costs \1000! That’s right, just \1000!

Every Wednesday 7:30-9pm, Hommachi Eight Building, 4F

Fellowship Groups

Our vision is to multiply fellowship groups and spread the love of God all over Kansai, in many places and many different times. Many people can’t come to Hommachi at the weekend, so we take church to them, to homes, offices and campuses.  

“Keishi’s house on Wednesday”

If you’ve never been in a Japanese home, this might be your chance! Enjoy a tasty meal and chit-chat, followed by some singing and a life-changing Bible message, geared for new people, at Keishi and Katsuko Shimamura’s home in Kita Noda; alternate Wednesdays, from 7pm. If you would like to attend, email keishi.s1118@gmail.com

(3 minutes’ walk from Kita Noda Station on the Nankai Koya Line, 20 minutes from Namba)

Men’s eating!

So many guys are isolated and eat on their own. But once a month a group of us meet together to encourage each other and enjoy good food!

Ladies’ Bible Study

 A group of ladies meet for Bible study each Thursday at 10.30 am at Hommachi Eight Building in Hommachi.

Your Children

We are passionate about helping children follow Jesus, supporting parents to raise their kids well and helping parents and children to worship together – not always easy!  

We try to involve children in the Saturday night and Sunday morning worship services before they go out for their own short program.

We hold camps twice a year, in spring and summer, in the hills or by the sea. Many children come who cannot participate in the weekly programs.

We have one weekly, neighborhood program, teaching children to know Jesus, with a good mix of games and English (in Abeno, Friday 4:30 pm). We expect to multiply these groups in more places.

Other Ministries/Events

Family Camp

Our annual church family camp is a big event in our calendar, getting away together to study and worship, to play and to eat together! Some of our Tohoku Be One family also join us.


Our teens events are frequent but not regular, with a slowly growing number of participants! Tennis, barbeque, takoyaki party, youth camp…sharing our lives and encouraging each other in our faith, with youth of different and mixed (!) nationalities.

Fukuchiyama, Shiga Outreaches

We have fellowship groups meeting in Fuchiyama and Shiga on Saturday nights once a month. For more details, contact keishi.s1118@gmail.com

Be One Osaka’s Leaders

Keishi Shimamura

Jumpei Saeki

Finding Us

Be One Osaka

Be One, 4th Floor, Hommachi Eight Building, 3-3-2 Hommachi Minami, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Tel 070-1058-0134 (Jumpei Saeki)

Hommachi Station (Midosuji Line, Chuo Line of the Osaka Metro) is a 5-minute ride from Osaka Umeda to the north and 4 minutes from Namba to the south. Take Exit 7: go out the ticket gate, go down a short staircase, straight ahead to the escalator (or elevator just to the right); go up to the street level; turn left into the main road (Midosuji); walk 50 meters; then left again at Hard Rock Café and walk eastwards about 100 meters (parallel to the overhead motorway) just past Akachan Honpo ( a baby-goods emporium) and just before Matsuya (a restaurant). The road frontage is quite narrow – if you get to Matsuya (まつや), you’ve gone too far! Altogether, about 3 minutes’ walk from the station!  

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