Love God, Love One Another

Welcome to Be One Church!

Be One Church is a casual, at-home church where anybody can join.


That each and every person experiences God’s love, grows in community with others, holds hope in their life, and lives their life according to God’s plan.

Sunday Worship from 10:30


Church Service

At church, we have a great time fellowshipping with one another and worshiping God together. Even if you are not a Christian, the messages from the Bible are easy to understand and are very meaningful. After the message, we break up into small groups for discussion, then share a meal together. Please come join us!

Sundays from 10:30
Location: Be One Church

The Rock

The rock is a place where you can have fun and hang out with your friends. There is rock climbing, ping-pong, balls, and frisbees. There are also darts and a training room for adults. Please bring your family and come hang out!

Tuesday 15:30~21:00

Friday 15:30~17:00
Saturday 15:30~22:00
Location: Be One Sports Center (The Rock)

Nozomi Project

Nozomi project is a social enterprise that began with a mission to give hope to women in Ishinomaki. Nozomi women create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry featuring broken pieces of pottery left in the wake of the tsunami and other up-cycled pottery.



In kids class, children learn about God and His love, worship, and do crafts at a level that is easy for the kids to understand. After worship with the main church, they move to kids church. Kids are kindergarten and elementary age.
Sundays from 10:30
Location: Be One Church


Grow in fellowship, have fun with friends, and walk with Jesus from a young age.

Fridays from 19:00
Location: BE ONE 


We do various volunteer projects throughout the year, such as helping out at temporary housing or going out to assist after natural disasters across Japan. Recently we have been going to Kumamoto or Iwaizumi to help out after the disasters there..


Have fun playing futsal together with the community after church!

Every Sunday the time is different, so please check the calendar.
ヤンマー宮城フットサルコート Or 石巻市総合運動公園
Price: 200 yen per person


Every year we have a family snow camp. These past four years we have enjoyed playing in the snow, worshiping, listening to messages, and playing crazy games.

Be One Ishinomaki Team

Be One Church

Negishimae 154-3 Watanoha, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-2135, Japan
Sundays from 10:30

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